Who are we

Our Philosophy

Al Anwar Express was born from the idea of striving to maintain the essence of what Hajj ought to represent in terms of achieving maximum proximity to our Creator; without having to compromise on available and accessible levels of comfort and ease, as well as the shared experiences of a dynamic team of facilitators under the guidance of Imaam Pandy.

Hajj presents the opportunity of re-enacting the narrative of Ibraheem Alayhis Salaam in one’s individual journey towards the Creator. Al Anwar Express offerings facilitate for an experience whereby the relationships built with both Creator and creation are maintained throughout our earthly life aiming at a permanent reunification in the Hereafter.

The collective experience of Imaam Pandy’s team spans close to a century allowing facilitators to connect clientele with much of what they have heard of Hajj undertaken by earlier generations.


The AHLI JEEM (Aljeem) represents a concept derived from a people who have stronger links to no other homeland other than the Ka’bah al Mushrifah; situated in ‘the mother of cities’ Makkatul Mukarramah. The AHLI JEEM hail from ‘the mother city’, the Cape of Good Hope.

For more than three centuries the AHLI JEEM are a unique symbol of evolution, transformation and most importantly preservation. Cape Town is the furthest beacon in the South due to its unparalleled passion to identify with Arabic language and culture.

This is due to a forged identity unbounded by merely a geographical location. Arabic as a desired means of communication facilitated for the transcending of many a major obstacle due to this means of proliferating culture, class and context superseding borders, races and appearances.

We strive to share an authentic Arabian experience with all by becoming the preferred platform for all Arab exchanges within Southern Africa.